Frequently Asked Questions

1Who are you?
We are a team of marketers and developers specialized in Social Media presence, trying to bring the best possible service in this sphere. We have a large network of websites and we use them to increase your Social Media status.
2Where to add my orders?
With our self-serving platform you can register and login to your own administrative area. There you can add your orders and track their stats.
3Why do you have better prices than other companies?
We are in this business since 2009 and we already optimized and found a way to lower our expenses to the minimum which leads to better services with low prices.
4Do you have Money Back Guarantee policy?
Yes we do. You can read more about it in the section: Refund Policy
5How safe are my private details in your website?
We take the private information of our clients extremely serious. That's why your information is highly encrypted. We will in no way disclose, sell or lease the information you put in our website to third parties without your consent. For more information about exceptions, please read our Privacy Policy
6What is the Order History menu?
Pending: Your order was received but it is not yet processed.
Processing: Your order is successfully processed and you should see movement very soon.
Completed: Your order was successfully completed.
Canceled: Your order was canceled. If your order status is "Canceled" it means that it's fully refunded and if your order status is "Partially Completed" it means that the amount which was not delivered by us was refunded.
All history: Here you can see all your orders in every status.
7Is it possible something to go wrong with my video, page, profile, post or channel?
We are slaves to the quality of our services. That's why there is no way to offer you a service which will jeopardize your channel, profile or content in general.
8I did a mistake! Can I cancel my order?
Some orders cannot be cancelled, but that depends on many factors. If you think you did a mistake, please contact our live chat or Skype immediately. Your order will be fully or partially cancelled and refunded depending of its state. Please be careful when adding orders as sometimes our support cannot react so fast.
6What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept PayPal, BTC, Skrill and Payoneer. After logging in into your admin area, you can make automatic payments via PayPal. Every other payment will be done manually. For this you have to contact us via e-mail, live chat or Skype.
1Are people actually watching the video?
Yes! However they cannot interact with the video because it is embedded in the ad. We do not use bots or proxies! All our views comes from real IPs and real people. They are generated via ads and are not against YouTube's policy or Terms of Use. Sometimes we provide cheaper views which are generated from web traffic.
2How long does it takes for my video to gain views?
Since we are using ads and real people, all orders are processed manually and it can take between 6 and 48hrs for the order to start and gain views after its approval. If the type of views are coming from web traffic, then it is possible for the start to be instant.
3What is the minimum amount of views I can order?
Views which are coming from ads are with minimum order 50 000. The ones coming from web traffic can vary between 1 000 and 5 000.
4What is the speed of the views?
This also depends on the service you chose. Usually we provide an option for speed if it is possible. Updated information you will find in our panel when you register.
5Where do the views come from?
Usually views comes from ads. You may see "suggested videos", depending on the chosen service. If the service is not labeled as "targeted", then we don't have any control of the countries the views come from. For more information you can check a single service in you admin area.
7What if I have other questions?
Please contact our super friendly support via Skype, E-mail or the Contact form of this website.
1Are those facebook page likes real?
Accounts are belonging to real people, however we cannot guarantee that they will be active. They are free to unlike your page at any time but most of them don't.
2From what countries are the likes and the reactions?
Likes and reactions can come from any country. We cannot control the visitors at this point. If we are able to control them, then you will see targeted visitors as an option.
3What is the minimum amount of likes and reactions I can order?
This depends on the service. When you log in your member area, you will see explanation for each order type.
4Tell me more about the shares!
The shares can be private. If the type of shares is marked as so, it means your post is shared by private profiles and make order only if you care about the numbers. For more information look at the different types of shares if there are any.
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